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Residential Painting

INTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING: McIntyre Painting Ltd has been painting homes on across BC and Alberta for over 10 years. Painting the interior of your home requires paint colour experts, skilled painting contractors and a strong commitment to customer service. We would love the opportunity to help put the finishing touches on your house with a fresh and vibrant coat of paint. Walls and ceilings take up the most time when painting the interior of a home or office which is why it is essential that you make the right preparations before beginning the paint job. Determining what types of paints currently cover the areas will help us decide what variety of primer, sanding techniques and of course, paint products to use. Whether we opt to use water-based (latex) paints or oil-based (alkyd) paints, the painters at McIntyre Painting will make sure to use paints that contain low or no volatile organic compounds (VOC).

EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING: As one of the top painting companies in British Columbia we take the time to make sure the exterior of your house is protected with the proper coating applications before we even start painting. These precautions must be taken on exterior surfaces to prevent water leaks, air loss, cracks & separation, mould, mildew and loss of insulation. Our painters will make sure the exterior paint coat stands the test of time by filling cracks, removing loose paint and pressure washing to clean rough surfaces. Once the preparation is complete, we’ll be ready to coat the area with primer. This will ensure a clean finish.