About Us

Terry McIntyre started in the painting business during his early days in the construction industry, where he worked as a bricklayer for several years before returning to his passion, the construction industry. Before he knew it, Terry was back in the painting business again. He created McIntyre Painting Ltd and has been operating as one of the biggest and most respected painting companies on Vancouver Island for years.

Terry is a forward-thinking businessman. Over the years in the painting industry he developed an estimating program that does quick, accurate estimates for his customers. He constantly researches suppliers and the painting industry to ensure McIntyre Painting uses only the best materials for their customers. Terry is a man of integrity and prides himself on providing only the best quality work for his customers.

After more than 15 years in the painting business Terry has the experience that people trust. He also prides himself on McIntyre Painting Ltd being “like a family” with his crew being experienced people who’ve worked with him for years.